Our Trust

The project is goverened by The Short Film Otago Trust

Trustees are Allan Baddock (Chairperson), Katie Brockie (Secretary), Ross Johnston (Treasurer), George Dawes, Judith Curran, Stephen Downes, Zoe Hobson, Ross Johnston, Amie Richardson, Kristan Mouat, Sina Walker, Mickey Treadwell

Funding round closed 1 Oct 2017

Our role

bullet Support screen-drama in Otago
bullet Manage publicity for the initiatives, including newspaper, a website and a road-show of seminars
bullet Organise short film script writing workshops
bullet Assess scripts
bullet Appoint script editors to work with writers
bullet Gather a data base of prospective production talent & facilities
bullet Judge the best scripts to go into production
bullet Facilitate production teams for the chosen films
bullet Executive produce the chosen films
bullet Manage the administration of Short Film Otago

Short Film Otago

Short Film Otago supports screen-drama in Otago. We encourage writers to develop short film scripts. The best scripts submitted are guided through a rigorous script editing process.

Two or three are selected each year for production with the Short Film Otago executive producer team overseeing the process (click here for more details).

What we seek

The kind of short films we seek should:

In the first instance (unless you already have a script written) we want to see just a one or two page outline of your short film and do not require a budget. It must however be a film achievable on a modest budget. Strong in its ideas and simple in production.

We are keen to see projects from writers, directors, and teams of a writer and a director or writer and producer. It would be possible for a producer to recognise a compelling short story and submit that.

The film will have to be shot in Otago but it doesn’t have to be about Otago necessarily. Either the writer or the director should be normally resident in the province or have strong family connections with Otago.

Our Funding

We are very grateful to the Otago Community Trust who are our principal funder.

We are also very appreciative of the Accounting services provided by Crowe Howarth and the generous support provided on many levels by Natural History New Zealand.

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